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Digital force gauge for easy measurement of tractive and compressive forces. Measurement frequency 1000 Hz. Measurement accuracy ±0.5%, overload protection for 200% of final value. Display rotatable through 180 °, with indicator in N, kg, lb and oz. Peak hold function for recording max. measured force, track function for continuous measurement. Suitable for use with all Sauter test stands
Range = 50N
Best Accuracy = ±0.5 %
Measurement Units = kg, lb, N, oz
Resolution = 0.02 N
Sampling Rate = 1000Hz
Dimensions = 195 x 84 x 35mm
Weight = 600g
Height = 35mm
Length = 195mm
Width = 84mm

Product Category
Force and Load Sensors
Force Rating
11.24 lbs (5.1 kg)

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