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Digital battery force gauge with RS232 data output. Professional measuring performance, with 2000 Hz measuring frequency. Measurement accuracy ±0.2%, overload protection for 150% of final value. For measuring tractive and compressive forces with 10 memory spaces for peak value entry. For continuous measurement display and tare function. Display rotatable through 180 °, with indicator in N, kg and lb. With limit value function for quality control of equal specimens. Peak hold function for recording max. measured force, track function for continuous measurement. Mini statistics package integrated. Suitable for use with all Sauter test stands
Range = Maximum of 2N
Measurement Units = kg, lb, N
Digital Output = RS232
Battery Life = 12 (Without Backlight) h
Battery Type = Rechargeable
Dimensions = 230 x 66 x 35mm
Weight = 640g
Height = 35mm
Length = 230mm
Width = 66mm

Product Category
Force and Load Sensors
Force Rating
0.4496 lbs (0.2039 kg)

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