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Accurcay ±0.5% of full scale. Peak hold in tension and compression. Lightweight pastic case. Overload warning. Auto-off function. Powered by 4 x AAA batteries. RS232 output. CE mark
Range = 50 kgf, 110 lbf, 500 N
Best Accuracy = ±0.5 %
Measurement Units = gf, kgf, lbf, N, ozf
Resolution = 0.05 kgf, 0.1 lbf, 0.5 N
Sampling Rate = 500Hz
Digital Output = RS232
Battery Type = AA
Minimum Operating Temperature = +10°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +35°C

Product Category
Force and Load Sensors
Force Rating
110 to 112 lbs (49.89 to 50.98 kg)

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Operating Temperature

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