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200S  HPFP™ Alkali Analyser -- 40995 -- View Larger Image
200S  HPFP™ Alkali Analyser -- 40995-Image

The model ATS/40995 - ATS 200S HPFP™ Alkali Analyzer is a multi-channel High Performance Flame Photometer that measures sequentially up to 5 elements; typically the hardware for Na, K, Li, and Ca are included in the basic analyzer with additional element channels available.

It uses powerful microprocessor and proprietary firmware that permits the analysis to be done through a menu driven routine. This allows for easy operation through a ’Yes / No’ menu-driven routine, minimizing the variables due to human error.

This unit can also be upgraded to include the ATS LabAssistant™, and the ATS MiniSoftWin™ to create a powerful, programmable, walk-away system.

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