TS8 Freestanding Modular Enclosure -- 8286500

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Rittal perfected the industrial modular enclosure concept with the TS8 modular enclosure. This revolutionary system is designed specifically for demanding industrial applications. Featuring a 16- fold tubular frame and multi-level mounting, the TS8 boasts unsurpassed strength and flexibility.

The robust tubular frame can hold weight loads up to 1,500 lbs on the mounting panel. The 25 mm hole pattern allows components and accessories to be mounted in three directions - by height, width and depth - which provides maximum space utilization (up to 30% more available space than traditional NEMA style enclosures of equal dimension).

Product Category
Industrial Enclosures
Modular enclosure
70.9 inch (1801 mm)
47.2 inch (1199 mm)
23.6 inch (599 mm)

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