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100 Series OEM Pump -- Model 102FD/R -- View Larger Image
100 Series OEM Pump -- Model 102FD/R-Image
  • 102R pumpheads accept tubes up to 4.8mm bore and provides continuous flow rates up to 106 ml/min and intermittent flow rates up to 212 ml/min
  • 102FD/R pumps have a 102R pumphead, 12V DC motor and mounting plate. A choice of speeds provides flow rates up to 106 ml/min

Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Injection; Metering; Peristaltic; PositiveDisplacement
Liquid Flow
0.056 GPM (0.21 L/min)
Power Source
DC; 12 VDC
Pump Features
AdjustableSpeed (optional feature); CloseCoupled; Horizontal; RunDry; Sealless; SelfPriming

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