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MicroLogix1000 - Programmable Controller -- 1761-L10BXB -- View Larger Image
MicroLogix1000 - Programmable Controller -- 1761-L10BXB-Image

The MicroLogix 1000 family provides small, economical programmable controllers. They are available in configurations of 10 digital I/O (6 inputs and 4 outputs), 16 digital I/O (10 inputs and 6 outputs), 25 I/O (12 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, 8 digital outputs, and 1 analog output), or 32 digital I/O (20 inputs and 12 outputs) in multiple electrical configurations of digital I/O. The I/O options and electrical configurations make them ideal for many applications.


  • Compact design—Lets the MicroLogix 1000 controller thrive in limited panel space.
  • Choice of communication networks—An RS-232-C communication port is configurable for: DF1 protocol for direct connection to a programming device or operator interface; DH-485 networking through a 1761-NET-AIC converter; DeviceNet networking through a 1761-NET-DNI interface; EtherNet/IP networking through a 1761-NET-ENI interface; or for half-duplex slave protocol in SCADA applications.
  • Simple programming with your choice of programming device—You can program these controllers in familiar ladder logic with MicroLogix 1000 A.I. Series Software®, PLC 500 A. I. Series Programming Software, RSLogix 500™ Windows Programming Software, or the MicroLogix Hand-Held Programmer (1761-HHP-B30). This symbolic programming language is based on relay ladder wiring diagrams that simplify the creation and troubleshooting of your control program.
  • Comprehensive instruction set—Over 65 instructions including simple bit, timer, and counter instructions, as well as instructions for powerful applications like sequencers, high-speed counter, and shift registers.
  • Fast—Execution time for a typical 500-instruction program is only 1.56 ms.
  • Choice of languages—Software and documentation are available in 5 languages. The hand-held programmer has 6 languages built in.

Product Category
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
I/O Channels
Total Points
DC Input
Relay Output; MOSFET Sourcing

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