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UV Fluorescence SO<sub>2</sub> Analyzer -- TML50 -- View Larger Image
UV Fluorescence SO<sub>2</sub> Analyzer -- TML50-Image

The sensor-e® SO2 uses the proven
UV flourescence principle, coupled
with state-of-the art microprocessor
technology to provide accurate and
dependable measurements of low
level SO2. Exceptional stability is
achieved with the use of an optical
shutter to compensate for PMT drift
and a reference detector to correct
for changes in UV lamp intensity. A
hydrocarbon “kicker” and advanced
optical design combine to prevent
inaccuracies due to interferents. The
multi-tasking software gives real
time indication of a large number of
operational parameters and provides
automatic alarms if diagnostic limits
are exceeded.
All instruments of the sensor-e®
series include an extensive built-indata
acquisition capability using the
analyzer’s internal memory. This
allows the logging of multiple parameters
(over 500,000 records) including
averaged or instantaneous values,
calibration data and operating parameters
such as flow, pressure and lamp
Stored data are easily retrieved
through the RS-232 port via software or from the
front panel, allowing operations to
perform predictive diagnostics and
enhanced data analysis by tracking
parameter trends.
The sensor-e® SO2 combines lighter
weight, rugged construction, ease of
use, powerful diagnostics, modular
design and outstanding performance
to yield the ideal tool for today’s air
monitoring requirements.

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