GF Piping Systems Datasheets for Conductivity and Resistivity Meters

Conductivity and Resistivity Meters:

Conductivity meters, dissolved solids meters, and resistivity meters are analytical instruments that measure the conductivity, dissolved solids, and/or resistivity of a liquid sample.
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Product Name Notes
5800CR ProPoint® Conductivity / Resistivity Monitors The Signet 5800CR ProPoint® Conductivity/Resistivity Monitor features a unique analog/digital display,making it the preferred measurement instrument for applications requiring routine monitoring. The digital display guides the user through the simple...
8850 ProcessPro® Conductivity / Resistivity Transmitters The Signet 8850 Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter is designed for broad application and ease of setup and use. Full-microprocessor based electronics allow wide operating range, and long term signal stability due in...