5kV and 10kV Insulation Testers -- MIT510

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5kV and 10kV Insulation Testers -- MIT510 -- View Larger Image
5kV and 10kV Insulation Testers -- MIT510-Image

To be fully in conformance with the most modern testing requirements, Megger offers a family of the highest quality insulation testers at voltages above 1 kV. At the core of high-voltage testing, the 5-kV models, MIT510/2 and MIT520/2, afford the highest level of quality testing along with prime safety, convenience and portability. The testers measure to 15 Tera-ohms, thereby making them fully suitable for critical installation tests and establishment of reliable base data for new high-capital equipment.

MIT510/2 offers selectable test voltages at 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000 V, making the tester suitable for applications otherwise performed with a standard handheld model, in addition to the more demanding high-voltage applications. The MIT520/2 increases the functionality by permitting test voltage to be set in any 10 V increment from 50 V to 1 kV, then in 25 V steps all the way to 5 kV.

For complete insulation testing capability of all high-capital equipment, Megger offers a 10-kV unit. The universal testing standard for rotational equipment, IEEE 43-2000, increased the test voltage recommendation to 10 kV for equipment rated 12 kV and above. Full compliance with this standard can be attained with the MIT1020/2. This model offers all the capabilities already mentioned, plus an increased test voltage to 10 kV. As with the MIT520/2, test voltage can be set in 25 V increments, but now all the way to 10 kV. Measurement range has been expanded commensurately with the highest rated equipment, to 35 TΩ.

Product Category
Electrical Safety Testers
Types of Measurements
Insulation Resistance
AC Current Out
1.00E-11 to 0.0050 amps
Operating Temperature
-4 to 122 F (-20 to 50 C)

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