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Novolas WS -- View Larger Image
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  • Turnkey system including optimized welding process
  • Intuitive user interface with programming tools
  • Very high throughput possible with the appropriate upgrade
  • Modular design suited for customization

An all-modular, all-purpose system: the NOVOLAS OEM for advanced integration and the NOVOLAS WS (Workstation) for a partially automated manual workstation (NOVOLAS WS). The central supply unit serves both. It contains all components necessary for processing and is ready for connection of all options. You can therefore select any additional components necessary and useful for your process. The software provided is matched to the system and process. It includes all process control and monitoring modules required and is designed for integration of additional options and accessories.

Product Category
Plastic Welding and Assembly Equipment
Equipment Type
Complete System
Process Capability
Laser Welding
Integral or optional automation unit such as a robot or CNC table; Settings recall or automation

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