Ohmite Manufacturing Co. Datasheets for Dynamic Braking Resistors (DBRs)

Dynamic braking resistors (DBRs) produce braking torque and absorb the high amounts of energy generated by stopping electric motors. They are used in variable-speed drive systems such as elevators, cranes, and trains. 
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Product Name Notes
Corrib® Fixed and Adjustable Vitreous Enamel Power Resistor -- 280 Series Corrib® Hi-Current, Fixed and Adjustable Custom Terminal available Mounting hardware available Power rating 35-2000 watts Resistance range 0.02-358 ohms 10% Tolerance std.; TCR 400ppm Rugged and flame resistant Vitreous...
High Current Oval Edgewound Resistor -- WLRD6G Series High current oval edgewound resistors Current rating up to 146 amps Resistance range 0.082-6.13 ohms 10% Tolerance Replaces GE style resistors 42D6G1 and 42D6G2
High Current Round Edgewound Resistor -- 14984 Series High Current Round Edgewound Up to 160 Amps of Continuous Current 10% tolerance standard Crosses to popular Ward Leonard and Westinghouse styles