EPOS 70/10 Positioning Controller -- EPOS 24/1

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in: Motor Speed Controllers

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The Maxon Motor Control program contains servo amplifiers for controlling Maxon DC and EC motors. These electronic control systems are optimized for use with Maxon motors. Various 4-quadrant servo-amplifiers meet your needs regarding performance and speed accuracy, and when combined with Maxon's feedback encoders, the control represents a complete solution for precise positioning with controlled rotation.

maxon precision motors, inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
EPOS 24/1
Product Category
Motor Speed Controllers
Pulse Width Modulation Drive
PC-Based Bus
CANbus; RS232
Operating Temperature
-10 to 45 C (14 to 113 F)
PC Board
Electrical Specifications
DC Input
9 to 24 volts

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Continuous Current
Peak Current
Operating Mode
Servo Feedback