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Industrial Drive Module -- ACS800-04-0060-5

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Industrial Drive Module -- ACS800-04-0060-5-Image

ACS800-X4 single drive modules
ACS800-X4 units are complete single drive module products
that are optimised for assembly in customers’ own cabinets.
The single drive configuration contains a rectifier, DC link and
an inverter in one single AC drive unit.

The ACS800-X4 is designed to minimise the amount of
cabinet space used and to make cabinet assembly as easy as
possible. The power range is from 0.55 to 1900 kW.

ACS800-X04 multidrive modules
The multidrive principle is based on a standard DC bus
arrangement enabling single power entry and common
braking resources for several drives. There are several
possibilities on the supply side starting from a simple diode
supply unit up to highly sophisticated IGBT supply units.

Product Category
Motor Speed Controllers
Motor / System
45000 watts
Variable Speed
PC-Based Bus
Foundation Fieldbus

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AC Input
Continuous Current
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