Armstrong Circuit Boards -- CIB9160B

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in: HVAC Controllers

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Armstrong, AirEase, Concorde, Arcoair, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Synder General, Intercity Products and other furnaces use this Circuit Board

Replaces Circuit Board Part Numbers:

1012358B CIB114460 ST9160B ST9160B-1050 ST9160B1084 ST9160B-1068 ST9160A1002 ST9160B1050 45692-001 R45692-001 01142A027 ST9160B1076 20430801 ST9160B0168 1012358 CAR45692001 CARST9160B1068 CAR1014460.

Used in Equipment Models:

ST9160B-1050 G1N80AT100D20C-1 C9MPDQ75F12A2 N9MP2075B12A2 CG80UA075D12A-1 CG80U100D14B-1 RGC80A75D14-2A G1N80 series CMPA series G1D91AU125D20D G1D80 series G1D91 series G1D93 series CG80 series CG90 series.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Arcoair, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Synder General, Intercity Products

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

C8DNL050B12A1 C8DNL075B12A1 C8DNL075F16A1 C8DNL100F14A1 C8DNL100L20A1 C8DNL125L20A1 C8MPL050B12A1 C8MPL075B12A1 C8MPL075F16A1 C8MPL100F20A1 C8MPL100J20A1 C8MPL125J20A1 C8MPN050B12A1 C8MPN075B12A1 C8MPN075F16A1 C8MPN100F14A1 C8MPN100F20A1 C8MPN100J20A1 C8MPN125J20A1 C8MPN150J20A1 C9MPD050F12B1 C9MPD075F12B1 C9MPD080J16B1 C9MPD100J14B1 C9MPD100J20B1 C9MPD125L20B1 H8DNL050B12A1 H8DNL075B12A1 H8DNL075F16A1 H8DNL100F14A1 H8DNL100L20A1 H8DNL125L20A1 H8MPL050B12A1 H8MPL075B12A1 H8MPL075F16A1 H8MPL100F20A1 H8MPL100J20A1 H8MPL125J20A1 H8MPN050B12A1 H8MPN075B12A1 H8MPN075F16A1 H8MPN100F14A1 H8MPN100F20A1 H8MPN100J20A1 H8MPN125J20A1 H8MPN150J20A1 H8UH5050B12A1 H8UH5075B12A1 H8UH5100F14A1 H8UH5125J20A1 H8UH5140J20A1 H9MPD050F12B1 H9MPD075F12B1 H9MPD080J16B1 H9MPD100J14B1 H9MPD100J20B1 H9MPD125L20B1 HL12H3TR01 HL18H3TR01 HL25H3TR01 HL31H4TR01 HL34H5TR01 MUF050W3B1 MUF075W3B1 MUF100W3B1 MUF125W5B1 MUF140W5B1 N8MPL050B12A1 N8MPL075B12A1 N8MPL075F16A1 N8MPL100F20A1 N8MPL100J22A1 N8MPL125J20A1 N8MPL125J22A1 N8MPN050B12A1 N8MPN075B12A1 N8MPN075F16A1 N8MPN100F14A1 N8MPN100F20A1 N8MPN100J22A1 N8MPN125J20A1 N8MPN125J22A1 N9MP1050B12B1 N9MP1075B12B1 N9MP1080F16B1 N9MP1100F14B1 N9MP1100J20B1 N9MP1125J20B1 N9MP2050B12B1 N9MP2075B12B1 N9MP2080F16B1 N9MP2100F14B1 N9MP2100J20B1 N9MP2125J20B1 T8DNL050B12A1 T8DNL075B12A1 T8DNL075F16A1 T8DNL100F14A1 T8DNL100L20A1 T8DNL125L20A1 T8MPL050B12A1 T8MPL075B12A1 T8MPL075F16A1 T8MPL100F20A1 T8MPL100J20A1 T8MPL125J20A1 T8MPN050B12A1 T8MPN075B12A1 T8MPN075F16A1 T8MPN100F14A1 T8MPN100F20A1 T8MPN100J20A1 T8MPN125J20A1 T8MPN150J20A1 T9MPD050F12B1 T9MPD075F12B1 T9MPD080J16B1 T9MPD100J14B1 T9MPD100J20B1 T9MPD125L20B1 C9MPDQ75F12A2 T9MPDO75F12B1

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HVAC Controllers
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