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HYTEX® High Performance Textiles -- HYTEX® 2200 Ceramic Fiber Textiles -- View Larger Image
HYTEX® High Performance Textiles -- HYTEX® 2200 Ceramic Fiber Textiles-Image

HYTEX® 2200 Ceramic Fiber Industrial Textiles are exceptionally effective textile products capable of withstanding continuous temperatures up to 2200°F/1205ºC.

Manufactured from ceramic fiber yarn with no supportive carrier fibers, these products retain strength, flexibility and molten metal resistance at higher temperatures than most other refractory textile materials. Low thermal conductivity and high electrical resistivity makes HYTEX® 2200 products highly efficient as high temperature thermal and electrical insulation.

Product Category
Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles
Industrial Fabric; Cordage / Rope; Braided; Woven; Rope or Cordage; Sleeving or Wraps
Overall Dimensions
0.0310 to 0.1250 inch (0.7874 to 3.17 mm)

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