Synthetic Oils, Greases, and Lubricants from Shell Lubricants

Shell ROTELLA® Coolant/Anti-Freeze -- Code 94042

Shell ROTELLA® Coolant/Anti-Freeze -- Code 94042 -- View Larger Image
Shell ROTELLA® Coolant/Anti-Freeze -- Code 94042-Image

The bulletproof protection you've come to expect from Shell Rotella® T engine oil is now available for your cooling system.

Rotella ELC Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze is part of a system of products designed to go a minimum of 600,000 miles with only one extender addition. This revolutionary, fill-for-life system eliminates the need to constantly add supplemental coolant additives (SCAs) or special filters every 12-20,000 miles.

The Rotella ELC system saves time, prolongs component life and reduces maintenance costs. It's simply a better system for your cooling system.

Product Category
Synthetic Oils, Greases, and Lubricants
Type / Function
Heat Transfer, Thermal Oil, Coolant; Anti-freeze, Secondary Refrigerant or Circulating Coolant
Specific Gravity
1.1 specific gravity
Composition / Chemistry
Synthetic or Semi-synthetic; Water Soluble / Emulsion; Polyglycol or Water-Glycol

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