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abas is one of the most flexible and upgradeable solutions on the market today, with an extensive range of functions for custom manufacturers in the Engineer-to-Order, Make-To- Order and Assemble-to-Order environments. abas ERP Software also provides a full spectrum of ERP solutions. Abas ERP is technologicaly advanced by today's standards yet intuitive and simple to use. Abas Business Software includes Abas ERP, Abas Distribution and Abas eBusiness which together offer a broad spectrum of functions perfect for small and midsize manufacturing, wholesale distribution and service companies. Some of the functions made easier with Abas include purchasing, sales, materials management, production planning and control, as well as accounting and eBusiness. Abas Business Software is constantly updated to keep you at the forefront of technology. Along with resources with years of experience, abas truely ensure that clients are completely satisfied with the product. When you choose Abas Business Software, you are opting for competence, continuity, and first class technology.

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