Digital Psychrometer + IR Thermometer -- RH401

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in: Moisture Meters

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Digital Psychrometer + IR Thermometer -- RH401 -- View Larger Image
Digital Psychrometer + IR Thermometer -- RH401-Image


  • Triple display with backlighting
    View Air temp+RH+surface temp
    View Dew Point+RH+surface temp
    View Wet Bulb+RH+surface temp
  • InfraRed Thermometer with
    Built-in laser pointer
    8:1 distance to target ratio
    Adjustable Emissivity from 0.3 to 1.0
  • Precision humidity capacitance sensor is retractable for protection during transportation and storage
  • Calculates T1 (IR Surface Temperature) - DP (Dew Point) differential

Product Category
Moisture Meters
Physical Specifications
Variables Measured
Relative Humidity; DewPoint; Temperature
Form Factor
Performance Specifications
Relative Humidity Range
10 to 90 %
Relative Humidity Accuracy
3 %
Dew Point Range
-90 to 122 F (-68 to 50 C)

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