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PowerHand, Reciprocating Profilers -- 510-2245 -- View Larger Image
PowerHand, Reciprocating Profilers -- 510-2245-Image

Choose from three lightweight reciprocating handpieces with powerful 30V DC air-cooled motors and sealed bearings. Use for polishing flat surfaces, deburring, filing, stoning, scraping, lapping and draw-stoning deep cavities. They operate with minimal vibration to reduce fatigue and have flexible power cords for easy reach. Special V-shaped chucking system firmly secures a wide variety of abrasives and other tools. Reciprocating stroke lengths are adjustable.

  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Choose from 2 back-and-forth styles & 1 side-to-side style recipro
  • Minimal vibration
  • Flexible coil cords for easy reach
  • Increase accuracy of finishing
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Special V-shape chucking system secures a wide variety of tools

Provides unique side-to-side reciprocating action with adjustable stroke. Perfect for polishing base areas in deep cavities, corners and deep slots. Helps eliminate rounding of sharp corners. Prevents bottoming out in blind holes. Holds 1.5 to 5mm (3/16") diameter tools. Comfortable grip allows prolonged use. Measures 6" long x 5/8" diameter.

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Polishing and Buffing Machines
Reciprocating Profiler

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