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Low Voltage Motor Control Center

MNS-MCC a new concept in NEMA motor control centers.

The ABB MNS-MCC represents the next step in the advancement of motor control centers. While using the long established dimensions of the North American NEMA market, the MNS-MCC offers benefits never before available in traditional motor control centers including:

  • Enhanced operator Safety achieved by:
    • Closed door removal and insertion of units
    • Touch safe design throughout
    • Use of multifunction separator to segregate vertical bus and passively establish a fault free zone
  • Faster maintenance thanks to withdrawable technology
    • No tools required to change out units
    • Closed door removal and insertion
    • Pull apart terminal blocks for control and power wiring
    • Viewports to allow visual inspection of all bus splices

Product Category
Motor Controllers
Electrical Specifications
AC Input
600 volts
Three Phase
60 Hz
Continuous Current
400 to 4000 amps

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