Ohmite Manufacturing Co. Datasheets for Shunt Resistors

Shunts resistors are connected in parallel with an instrument or component to divert electrical current. They provide an alternate path for current in case of failure.
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Product Name Notes
Four Terminal Bare Element Resistor -- 60 Series Four Terminal Bare Element Power rating up to 5 watts Resistance as low as 0.002 ohms Tolerance 1% standard TCR as low as 50ppm Ideal for current sense applications
High Current Shunt Resistor -- S Series Shunts High Current Shunts Up to 1000 amps current handling Multiple configurations 0.5% accuracy class Brass construction
Precision Metal-Clad Shunt Resistor -- SH Series Shunt Precision Metal-Clad Closed Element Shunts Up to 300 amps current handling Kelvin configuration 0.5% Tolerance available TCR 30ppm max Bus bar mounting