Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. Datasheets for Spray Washers

Spray washers clean parts with a directed, pressurized spray of hot water, detergent or cleaning solution.
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Product Name Notes
Aqueous Paint Gun Cleaner -- Part # 4016 Aqueous Gun and Equipment Cleaner
Paint Equipment Washer Model 1107 -- Part # 86
Paint Equipment Washer Model 1111 -- Part # 87
Cleaning bowl with two air-operated spigots
Aqueous Spray Cleaner TL2 -- Part # 210006
Aqueous Spray Cleaner TL3 -- Part # 210211
Exclusive spray cleaner with swing-away spray bar, skimmer & other features
Aqueous Vat Parts Washer Model 91 -- Part # 91 Fusible link cover, flexible nozzle and programmable temperature control
Aqueous Sink Parts Washer Model 90 -- Part # 93
Aqueous Sink Parts Washer Model 94 -- Part # 89
Parts cleaner featuring sink, "flow through" hose, and adjustable lamp
Aqueous Spray Cleaner FL250 -- Part # 210024
Aqueous Spray Cleaner FL500 -- Part # 210042
Swing-away spray bar, oil skimmer, and other automatic features

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