NI PS-15 Power Supply, 24 VDC, 5 A, 100-120/200-240 VAC Input -- 781093-01

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NI industrial power supplies feature long expected life, generous power reserves, and compact size. The 24 V supplies are ideal for powering any NI CompactRIO, NI Compact FieldPoint, NI Single-Board RIO, NI Smart Camera, NI touch panel computer (TPC), or NI CompactDAQ system as well as heavy accessory loads such as DC motor drives. The DIN-rail system and spring-clamp terminals do not require tools, which makes installation fast and easy. Wide range and autoselect input voltages resist user errors. The wide operating temperature range and extraordinary electromagnetic interference (EMI) immunity enable trouble-free operation, even under harsh conditions.
The NI PS-15 industrial power supply guarantees power reserves of 20 percent for fluctuating loads. You can use this extra current continuously for ambient temperatures under 45 °C. With these power reserves, you do not need to oversize for dynamic loads - simply choose a unit that meets your operating requirements. In some cases, you can select a smaller unit, saving both money and space.

Product Category
Power Supplies
General Specifications
Output Power
120 watts
Number of Outputs
General Specifications
Device Category
DC Power Supply
Instrumentation; Smart Camera

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