Modular Circular Polarimeter -- MCP 300

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MCP 300/500 is an automatic polarimeter for measuring the optical rotation angle of optically active substances. It utilizes the latest technology to ensure high measuring accuracy and great ease-of-use. The combination of quality, robust design and modern data management makes MCP 300/500 the most efficient high-precision polarimeter on the market. The instrument has been designed with the user in mind, its modular concept allows customer-specific configurations and provides the widest range of options for the future. MCP 300/500 meets all application requirements for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, chemical and medical industries as well as for R&D.

High accuracy

  • High accuracy over the entire measuring range
  • Toolmaster™ - Automatic sample cell and quartz control plate identification
  • Modular concept
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Up to eight spectral filters in the UV/VIS/NIR ranges

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Performance Specifications
365 to 589 nm (3650 to 5890 Å)

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