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Phantom® High Speed Camera -- v7.3 -- View Larger Image
Phantom® High Speed Camera -- v7.3-Image

Our Phantom® v7.3 camera now includes a new turbo mode to increase recording speeds for selected windowed resolutions to as high as 500,000 pictures per second with 1 µsecond exposure times.

The monochrome Phantom v7.3 provides 14 bit image depth for extended gray scale image quality and light sensitivity. If you select a color camera, you have the opportunity to choose between 24, 36, or 48 bit images.

An extremely fast shutter controls image blur. The Phantom v7.3 offers continuously adjustable shutter speeds down to 1 µsec (1/1,000,000 second). This shutter is a true "snap shot," or "global" shutter, functioning at the pixel level, and these sensors are sensitive enough to take advantage of the camera's high speed capabilities.

This Phantom v7.3 camera can optionally be configured with the ability to record images in real-time directly from the camera! Phantom v7.3 camera can be supplied with this optional ability to stream real-time image data to our external massive storage device known as the Image3.

Product Category
Video Cameras
Camera Function
Monochrome / Color
Monochrome; Color
Imaging Technology
CMOS; Digital
Specialty Camera Type
High Speed
Application / Industry
Industrial; Scientific / Research; High-Speed Applications

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