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Continuous hinges made to MS35821 - MS35831 specifications (Full Specs available here). Part number is impressed at a maximum of 5" (127mm) intervals. Stock can be cut to length, and otherwise modified quickly to your request. Type X and Y half hinges can be made from Type H stock. NOTE: MS35821 - MS35831 specifications have been superseded by the similar, but not 100% equivalent A-A-55589 - A-A-55596 specs, also available from LaDeau here.

Stock is available in:
A - Aluminum, with Aluminum Pin
B - Brass, with Copper Pin
C - Stainless Steel, with Stainless Steel Pin
D - Steel, with Steel Pin
DF - Zinc or Cadmium (please specify) Plated Steel, with Steel Pin
E - Cadmium Plated Steel, with Copper Pin

Example Part Numbers:
MS35821-6C-7200 = Complete Stainless Steel Hinge, 0.750 in wide by 72.00 in long, with Stainless Steel pin
MS35826-12A-3600 = Complete Aluminum Hinge, 2.500 in wide by 36.00 in long, with Aluminum pin

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Hinges (industrial)
Hinge Type
Hinge Type
Physical Specifications
120 inch (3048 mm)

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