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Raytheon ELCAN makes the world's most demanding, high-precision optical and electronic systems for medical, defense and homeland security, commercial OEM, business, entertainment, and industrial customers. From a comprehensive suite of computerized optical design and CAD programs in the engineering departments to complete opto-mechanical, optic, electronic and opto-electronic testing capabilities, Raytheon ELCAN is equipped with the most modern equipment to undertake both large-volume production and prototype quantities for conventional, state-of-the-art and research programs.

Raytheon ELCAN is a one-stop, vertically integrated contract manufacturing partner, providing a "one-stop" solution that reduces the total cost of ownership. Raytheon ELCAN's global operation has grown to a total of 325,000 square feet of manufacturing space, custom-designed to provide a logically organized, lean production environment for precision manufacture.

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ELCAN's global operation has grown to a total of 325,000 square feet of space, custom-designed to provide a logically organized environment for precision manufacture.
(CAD) / Solid Modeling; Design / Development; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production; Private Labeling; Turnkey Product Manufacturing; Testing
Glass Fabrication; Mechanical Assembly; Sheet Metal Fabrication

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