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GDL Aluminum Roller Guide -- FDC15HP Series

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GDL Aluminum Roller Guide -- FDC15HP Series-Image

Aluminium roller guides for precise and quiet operation.

Guideline aluminium profile roller guides provide smooth operation and high load carrying capacity for industrial automation.

By use of light weight aluminium components the moving masses are reduced, travel speeds are increased and actuation energy is saved. The orientation of rollers enables the system to carry high loads in all directions, and the options of single or double rail versions provides flexibility to suit wide spread applications.


  • Double rail and roller cassette
  • Single rail with pair of roller shoes
  • Special versions


  • Low weight
  • Smooth running characteristics
  • Speeds up to 10 m/s
  • Can be loaded from all directions
  • Virtually lubrication-free guidance

Recommended applications:

  • Machine tools
  • Packaging equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Special machines
  • Assembly systems
  • Handling applications

Product Category
Linear Bearing Rails
Guide / Rail Shape
Linear Motion Guide; T Shaped
Precision Grade; Guide / Bearing Assembly
Additional Material Specifications
Corrosion Resistant; Thru Hardened; Spring Steel

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