Var-A-Cone® Sheave -- VC40

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in: V-Belt Pulleys

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TB Wood’s offers the most complete line of motion control drives available. Whether you require cast iron or aluminum construction, you’ll find a motion control drive to replace obsolete models or satisfy your new applications. Wood’s offers five different varieties of motion control drives: the All-Pro, MCS, MS, Var-a-Cone, and Roto-Cone® drives all offer the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from TB Wood’s.

Product Category
V-Belt Pulleys
Pulley Type and Size
Variable Speed
Pitch Diameter
4.00 inch (101.60 mm)
Outside Diameter
4.00 inch (101.60 mm)
Bore Diameter
0.500 to 0.750 inch (12.70 to 19.05 mm)
Belt Section Designation

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Physical Specifications
Shaft Mounting
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