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Temperature Transmitter -- SEM104TC -- View Larger Image
Temperature Transmitter -- SEM104TC-Image

The SEM104 series are low cost 4-20mA temperature sensor transmitters housed in a head mount DIN standard connector block. Available for RTD or Thermocouple inputs the SEM104 is field rangeable if necessary by solder links on the printed circuit board and the use of on board SPAN and ZERO potentiometers. The transmitters are low cost devices available in standard,
factory calibrated ranges and can be re-ranged to suit most Industrial and Building Management applications.

Product Category
Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters
Input Type
J; K; T
Sensed Temperature
32 to 1832 F (0.0 to 1000 C)
Mounting Options
Thermohead or Thermowell Mounting (e.g. "Hockey puck" Style)
Analog Current (Typical 4-20 mA)

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Supply Voltage
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