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SILVALOY 50N is a modification of SILVALOY® 50. It was originally introduced because of somewhat better corrosion resistance than SILVALOY 50 for certain conditions, and is still used for such purposes. When melting, SILVALOY 50N passes from the solid state to a mushy or plastic range and progressively to a liquid. The largest portion of SILVALOY 50N melts in the upper section of its temperature range. Therefore, the alloy has a good body while in the plastic range and is suitable for building fillets or bridging large gaps. Late melting of the major portion of the alloy also helps minimize any separation of the solid and liquid portions by liquation during melting. It has proven successful on many marine applications and for dairy equipment which must withstand strong cleaning solutions. The 3% nickel content of this alloy also improves its wetting of stainless steel and tungsten, or molybdenum carbide tool tips. At the present time, largest use of this solder is for attaching carbide cutting tips to tool shanks.

Product Category
Filler Alloys and Consumables
Joining Process / Product Form
Flux coated stick or electrode for welding or brazing. (optional feature); Strip, sheet or foil (optional feature); Solid wire or rod (optional feature); Rings, Washers, Specialty Shapes
Brazing & Soldering Filler Alloys
Melting Range
1170 to 1270 F (632 to 688 C)
Braze Alloy
Copper Alloy Braze; Nickel Alloy Braze; Silver Alloy Braze

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Approvals / Conformance
Specific Standard / AWS Class