KEYENCE Fiber Optic Sensors FS-N Series -- FS-N12N

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in: Photoelectric Sensors

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KEYENCE Fiber Optic Sensors: FS-N Series

KEYENCE'S FS-N Series contains a multitude of innovative features; including one-touch calibration, dual digital display, automatic maintenance, and MEGA power mode, making them an industry leader in fiber optic sensing. The FS-N series amplifiers pair with the FU Series fiber optic sensor heads, which can be integrated into almost any environment or application. The FS-N series contains multiple amplifier models, which are described below.

FS-N11* & FS-N13*: Main unit amplifiers
FS-N12* & FS-N14*: Expansion unit amplifiers; connect to main unit amplifiers for power
FS-N15*: IP66 Waterproof amplifier; not connectable to other amplifiers
FS-N10: Network unit amplifier; must be used with NU Series
FS-N11N: Analog output model; 1 to 5 Volts

Product Category
Photoelectric Sensors
Operating Temperature
-4 to 131 F (-20 to 55 C)
Optical Technology Type
Through Beam; Retroreflective; Polarized Retroreflective; Diffuse; Convergent; Adjustable Field Background Suppression
Fiber Optic
Glass; Plastic
Beam Type
Light/Dark Programmable

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