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Electronic Durometer -- 3805A -- View Larger Image
Electronic Durometer -- 3805A-Image

The 3805A is a lightweight, ergonomically designed, reasonably priced durometer engineered to perform at the highest level of accuracy.

Capable of measuring hardness in Shore A values, the most popular scale, the portable durometer is ideal for fast, convenient testing of rubber, PVC, leathers, vinyl, acrylic and other similar materials. Contact is made with a 35º blunt point, ensuring superior accuracy.


  • Accurate and repetitive deviation of 20-90 HA< ±1 grade
  • Resolution of 1HA
  • Measuring range of 0-100HA
  • Conforms to ASTM D-2240, ISO 7619 standards
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Automatic Off
  • Ability to allow averaging and to lock in peak value
  • Weighs only 8 2 ounces (233 grams)
  • Compact size of 6 40 x 2 56 x 1 12" (163 x 65 x 28mm)
  • 4 AAA batteries, supplied with the tester
  • Supplied with rubber test block RBR-63

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Durometer Type
ASTM D2240 Type
Type A

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