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Full View Stainless Steel Glovebox -- Series 500 -- View Larger Image
Full View Stainless Steel Glovebox -- Series 500-Image
  • Combines the full visibility of plastic glove boxes with the strength and processing capabilities of a 304 stainless steel chamber
  • Transparent front and back panels (of either Static-Dissipative PVC or polycarbonate) feature opposing glove ports for easy manipulation of materials
  • Large chamber size leaves plenty of clearance for bulky process equipment
  • Versatile side flanges allow several units to be connected in series; also permit easy addition of air lock
  • System options include ionizing equipment; process gas mixers, analyzers and heaters; and a remote filter/blower module for gas recirculating or exhaust fume purification

The Series 500 Full-View Controlled Atmosphere Chamber combines advantages of several other Terra lines of glove chambers.

The Best of Both Worlds
Like our plastic glove boxes, it allows full visibility of operations in process, reducing the claustrophobic sensation that operators often experience when working with a stainless steel chamber. Transparent front and rear panels also allow easy modifications to suit particular requirements, such as custom sealed cut-outs for microscope optics, cameras, or other process equipment. Inlet/outlet ports can also be specified for connection of gas purge and humidity controls. Select either Static-Dissipative PVC, which resists many chemicals, eliminates static charges, and aids in particle controls, or polycarbonate, which resists heat.

Like our other stainless steel chambers, the Series 500 ensures a strong, static-safe design that is ideal for a broad range of controlled temperature and humidity tests in many gas environments. Its spacious size accommodates bulky equipment, and its side flanges allow the addition of air locks and also permit several units to be connected in series.

The front and rear panels are tightly installed using double-gasketed, compression seals. A fluorescent light fixture, cord and switch are mounted to the exterior of the chamber to ensure proper illumination without contaminating the internal environment or posing a combustion hazard in the presence of flammable gases. UV lighting is also available.

Product Category
Gloveboxes and Isolators
Isolator Type
Main Chamber
Glove Ports
2 to 4
Width / Length
48 to 96 inch (1219 to 2438 mm)

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