BakerCorp Datasheets for Storage Tanks and Process Tanks

Storage tanks and process tanks are bulk containers of varying size and configuration.
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Product Name Notes
550 Gallon Stainless Steel Tote Tank Hoover
550 Gallon Stainless Steel Tote Tank Hurri-Kleen
550 Gallon Stainless Steel Tote Tank Plymouth
Ideal Usage Acidic and caustic storage and transport for refineries, chemical facilities, and wastewater treatment plants. Benefit All wetted surfaces are made of stainless steel. Stackable and suited for storage...
Stainless Steel Tanker Trailer Brenner
Stainless Steel Tanker Trailer Polar
Stainless Steel Tanker Trailer Walker
Ideal Usage Chemical storage and transport. Distribution of finished, intermediate and waste products. Storage of product overruns Benefit Roadworthy, reliable, DOT approved interim storage and transfer. Minimizes cross contamination and...
420 BBL Fixed Axle Double Wall Tank
420 BBL Fixed Axle Double Wall Tank Pinnacle
Double Wall Above-ground Fuel Storage Tank
Double Wall Above-ground Fuel Storage Tank 2
Double Wall Tank Baker Style
Ideal Usage Environmentally sensitive liquid and vapor containment. Containment near rivers, lakes, bays and urban areas. Benefit Built-in secondary containment for maximum environmental protection. Large top vapor proof hatches for...
Dewatering Box Baker Style
Roll Tarp Dewatering Modern MFG
Vacuum Dewatering Box Modern
Ideal Usage Freeing water from sludge and slurry. Perfect for non-pumpable dewatering situations. Sewer and other cleanouts. Benefit Stainless steel screen with filter cloths for customized needs. Gasketed door for...
630 Gallon Poly Tank Forkliftable Ideal Usage Onsite movement of wastewater and volatile liquids in water treatment facilities, chemical plants and refineries Benefit Stores material in less space than drums. Economical storage of corrosive liquids,...
EZ Clean Fixed Axle Safety Vapor Tank
Fixed Axle Tank 450 BBL Single Wall Wade
Fixed Axle Tank 450 BBL Wade Single Wall
Fixed Axle Tank 462 BBL Round Bottom Modern
Fixed Axle Tank 500 BBL Round Bottom Modern
Fixed Axle Tank CPC
Fixed Axle Tank ESP
Fixed Axle Tank Flat Top Oil Field Frac Modern
Fixed Axle Tank Frontier
Fixed Axle Tank Modern
Fixed Axle Tank Smooth Wall ESPM
Fixed Axle Tank VE Smooth Wall Smart Step
Flip Top Weir Tank
Frac Tank
Gooseneck Fixed Axle
VE (Single Step) Fixed Axle Tank
Ideal Usage Process plant, industrial, construction, commercial and oil field applications, pipeline projects, sewage plant outages, drilling chemical storage. Benefit “V” bottom and round bottom floor designs for easy cleanout.
Poly Tank Berms
Steel Tank Berms
Ideal Usage Projects that require an additional level of protection, particularly environmentally sensitive situations. Benefit Convenient and easy to set up. Excellent chemical compatibility. Sturdy walls on berms easily handle...
4000 Gallon Poly Tank
6500 Gallon Poly Tank
Ideal Usage Refineries, chemical facilities, wastewater treatment plants and wherever corrosive materials are stored. Benefit Economical long-term solution. Valving allows for three level settings. Ideal for most acids, chemicals and...
Baker Mix Tank
EZ Clean Fixed Axle Mix Tank
Fixed Axle Mix Tank Wade
Ideal Usage Refineries, chemical facilities, wastewater treatment plants, tank cleaning and heating thick materials. Benefit Top-mounted injection ports and over-sized hatches provide for easy addition of materials to be mixed.
Dewatering Box Phase Separator Spectrum
Dewatering Hopper Phase Separator Spectrum
Vacuum Dewatering Phase Separator Spectrum
Ideal Usage Separating and dewatering sludges, slurries and waste streams. Benefit Liquid drains through or can be pumped from the installed filter media panels and out of the container via...
17 Yard Roll-off Box Metal Lid Flip Top
Roll-Off Box Accurate
Roll-Off Box Consolidated
Roll-Off Box Galbreath
Roll-Off Box Metal Lid ESP
Roll-Off Box Metal Lid Mayfab
Roll-Off Box PMF
Roll-Off Box Roll Tarp ESPM
Roll-Off Box Roll Tarp ESPM 2
Roll-Off Box Roll Tarp Mayfab
Roll-Off Box Stackable ESP
Roll-Off Container 25 cu yd Modern
Ideal Usage Solid waste containment in environmental soil clean-up projects and tank cleaning. Benefit Most offer 4-wheel maneuverability. Gasketed door with rear door binders for full compression sealing. Weights and...
4000 Gallon Poly Tank Total Drain
6500 Gallon Poly Tank Total Drain
Ideal Usage Tank bottoms, storm and ground water, acids and caustics, fresh or spent chemicals. Benefit Ideal for most acids, chemicals and caustics. Designed for quick and easy gravity draining...
220 Barrel Tanks Ideal Usage Used for sediment settling for construction projects. Chemical sludge mixing. Feed system for dewatering. Benefit Smooth interior wall for easy cleanout. Urethane exterior coating. Skid mounted. SPECIFICATIONS AND...
10K Roll-Off Skid Tank
10K Roll-Off Skid Tank Modern
Ideal Usage Wastewater treatment plants, tank cleaning, and sludge projects. Stormwater and leachates. Smaller jobs or where space is a problem. Benefit Ideal for smaller jobs where space is a...
Vacuum Roll-Off Box 25 cu yd ESP
Vacuum Roll-Off Box Consolidated
Vacuum Roll-Off Box Galbreath
Vacuum Roll-Off Box Mayfab
Vacuum Roll-Off Box Modern
Ideal Usage Projects using vacuum trucks to move sludge and solids: auto manufacturing, paint booths and paper mills. Benefit Keeps vacuum trucks or other air movers operating full time. Gasketed...
Intermodal Accurate
Intermodal Breco
Intermodal Galbreath
Intermodal Mayfab
Intermodal McClain
Vacuum Intermodal Galbreath
Vacuum Intermodal Mayfab
Ideal Usage Highway, waterway, and railway transport. Large environmental clean-up projects. Stores sludge and solid waste. Benefit Most offer 4-wheel maneuverability. Gasketed door with rear door binders for full compression...

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