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Rectangular Braided Litz-18

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Litz wire conductors are beneficial for reducing A.C. losses in high frequency windings. The first consideration in any design regarding Litz magnet wire is the operating frequency. The operating frequency not only influences the actual construction details of the copper magnet wire, but is also used to determine the individual Litz wire gauge. If the applications dictate special requirements for voltage breakdown or environmental protection, special film coatings on each individual strand are available as well as double and triple insulations to meet the requirements of UL and IEC 60950.

New England Wire Technologies, the premier magnet wire manufacturers in the industry, has taken the principle behind Litz wire and improved it. In most Litz magnetic wire applications, the magnet wire coating is generally not sufficient for insulating between winding turns, separate windings, and between the winding and ground as the magnet wire coating can easily be damaged. It is for this reason that additional interleaved insulation is needed. New England Wire Technologies’ NEWind® Specialty Winding Wire solves this problem by insulating the conductors with thin layers of insulation. The insulation layers are extruded in either two layers (Supplementary) or three layers (Reinforced). This design ensures that defects in any one layer will not reduce the insulating ability. Motors and transformers can then be manufactured utilizing litz wire without additional insulation, thus reducing the cost and size of the motors and transformers.

Product Category
Litz Wire
Litz Wire Shape
Rectangular; Braided
Litz Wire Performance
Frequency Range
15000 to 50000 Hz
Number of Strands
Strand Size
36 AWG

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Litz Wire Options
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