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The Dual Cavity Sensor accurately and repeatably senses the linear or rotation position of a metallic ‘activator’ which is mounted to (or formed as part of) the sensed assembly. The activator moves within the two sensor cavities, and an output is produced relative to its position. Different output characteristics can be achieved by varying the activator shape and material. The unique non-contact two-part design utilises Gill’s patented inductive technology to provide a reliable, accurate output that will not deteriorate through use.

Small, light and robust, the sensor is simple to install and three different wiring options allow for a multitude of mounting configurations. Sealed to IP67, this sensor is ideal for a variety of applications where grime, moisture, temperature and vibration can have an adverse affect on other types of sensor.

Gill Sensors
Manufacturer Part Number
Dual Cavity Sensor
Product Category
Rotary Position Sensors
Measuring Range
45 degrees
Mechanical Range
90 degrees
Variable Inductance

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