NESLAB Water to Water Heat Exchanger -- System III

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The NESLAB System III water to water heat exchanger utilizes your in-house water supply to remove heat from your water-cooled application. This cost effective, compact, reliable unit provides up to 70kW of cooling and:

  • Supplies clean, temperature controlled coolant to your application
  • Provides trouble free circulation
  • Ensures the highest level of performance from your equipment

The System III Water to Water Heat Exchanger is designed for use with existing building water systems. If your facility is equipped with a central building chilled water system, water quality, temperature instability, pressure and flow fluctuations are problems you may have to overcome to properly cool your instrumentation or equipment.

Our System Series of Water to Water Heat Exchangers uses the cooling of your building's central water system while eliminating all the problems associated with building water. Your water supply circulates through one side of the heat exchanger while the System pumps temperature controlled water out of a secondary circuit directly to your equipment. Your equipment will be protected from contaminants commonly associated with building water systems because you control the quality of the fluid that the System circulates.


  • Easy to operate digital temperature controller
  • Large gauge for pressure readings
  • Rugged pumps and an integral flow control valve to ensure proper flow to your application
  • Status relay for high temperature and low level conditions
  • Water modulating valve conserves building water

The digital microprocessor controller features a bright LED readout that displays recirculating temperature, setpoint, and process fluid flow rate as well as alarm parameters and their status. Additional setup flexibility includes adjustable high and low temperature alarm limits allowing the unit to be further custom configured by the user.

Note: Cooling capacity is based on a 10C temperature differential between the cooling water supply and the cooling fluid flowing from the System to the instrument being cooled.

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Heat Exchangers
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Domestic water use.; Laboratory and General Process Cooling

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