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Signature® -- 500

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Signature® -- 500-Image
  • Test Points: 64 (128 with second tester)
  • Test Voltage: 9VDC, 1.8mA max
  • Hipot: No
  • Continuity threshold: 4K ohms
  • 4-Wire Resistance Test: No
  • Components: Twisted Pairs
  • Wirelist Memory Capability: Memory Tokens
  • Point Labeling: Standard Adapter Labeling
  • Adapters: Single High, Double High

The Signature 500 is unique in its ability to test installed cables for opens, shorts, mis-wires,

and proper twisting of twisted pairs. With one unit plugged into each end of an installed cable you can learn, test, and print from either end.

While not a strict Cat5 cable tester, the low cost Signature 500 easily tests for the most common defects you'll encounter with your LAN network cabling: wrong twisted pairs, opens, shorts, and intermittant connections. With two testers you can even check installed LAN cables.

If you need a low cost cable tester for USOC systems (such as 10BASE-T, Token Ring, or ANSI X3T9.5 TP-PMD) consider the Signature 500 and set of RJ11, RJ45, or RJ48 adapters.

Product Category
Cable Testers
Tester Specifications
Test Points
64 to 128
Test Resistance
4000 ohms
9 volts

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