Solid State Cooling Systems Datasheets for DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies:

DC power supplies accept an input power and output the desired form of DC power. Common types of DC power supplies include linear power supplies, switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, and silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) type power supplies.
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Product Name Notes
Switchback Power Supply -- 6600 CE
Switchback Universal Input Power Supply -- 6600
• This field-hardened, very compact power supply is perfectly suited to power the Cleanstream and Terraview heat exchanger • Bipolar output allows thermoelectric heat exchangers to both cool and heat...
Switchback Power Supply/Temp Controller -- 6600 CE • This power supply was created to provide a complete package for the operation of the Cleanstream and Terraview heat exchangers. • Precise temperature control (+ 0.03 oC) and excellent...