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BioFlo® /  CelliGen® 115 -- Fermentor & Bioreactor System -- View Larger Image
BioFlo® /  CelliGen® 115 -- Fermentor & Bioreactor System-Image

The BioFlo/CelliGen 115 takes the complexity out of equipment selection, set-up and operation. It features a totally integrated control station with a color touchscreen interface, built-in pumps, gas flow controllers, pH/DO, foam/level controllers and more - no external PC needed. In fact, we've made it so simple, your new unit can be unpacked and ready for the autoclave in under a half hour.

Product Category
Laboratory Reactors
Reactor Design
Stirred Tank Reactor; Other Reactor Design; Fermentor & Bioreactor System
Reactor Operation
Batch; Continuous; Fed-Batch
Number of Vessels
1 to 3 #
Vessel Volume
0.4000 to 10.5 liters (0.4227 to 11.1 quarts)

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