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Flexible Heat Transfer Compound -- EFS-1 -- View Larger Image
Flexible Heat Transfer Compound -- EFS-1-Image

EFS-1 is a preformed flexible heat transfer compound designed for use between plate-type external heating/ cooling coils and process vessels. Thermon’s heat transfer compounds provide an efficient thermal connection between the coils and the process equipment. By eliminating the air voids that would ordinarily exist, heat is directed into the vessel wall primarily through conduction rather than convection and radiation.

As a graphite and resin-based heat transfer compound, EFS-1 is supplied in roll form for ease of installation. Typical applications require no additional surface preparation, allowing fast, clean and simple installation.

Maximum Maintenance Temperature: 406°F

Product Category
Industrial Sealants
Cure / Technology
Air Setting / Film Drying; Single Component
Substrate Compatibility
Composition & Features
Flexible; Thermally Conductive

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