Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches from Euchner-U.S.A., Inc.

Safety Switch TX -- TX1C-A M

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Safety Switch TX -- TX1C-A M-Image

Metal-encapsulated safety switches series TX...

  • 2 positively driven NC contacts
  • Door monitoring contact
  • LED function display

Control of the interlocking solenoid
The interlocking solenoid is controlled by the control system via ASInterface bus bit D0. Simple connection to the bus is sufficient for process protection. For personal protection, further measures must be taken to ensure safe power switching.

Mechanical release
Safety switches can be unlocked by means of the mechanical release in the event of power failure, for example. The mechanical release must be sealed to prevent tampering (for example with sealing lacquer).

Product Category
Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches
Interlock Switch Style
Keyed or Tongue Style Interlock Switch
Switch Specifications
NO Contacts
NC Contacts
CO Contacts
Non-safety Outputs
0.0 (#)

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Contact Features
Switch Type
Electrical Switch Specifications
Current Rating
AC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage Rating
AC Power Rating
DC Power Rating
Mechanical Life
Keyed (Tongue) Actuated Interlock Switch Specifications
Solenoid Latching
Solenoid Lock / Unlock
Retaining Force
Solenoid Operating Voltage
Approvals and Ratings
NEMA Enclosure Rating
International Approvals
Operating Temp

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