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PLC-Multipoint T54-2 system is a Distributed long tunnel lighting control system designed for any unidirectional and bidirectional lighting application. The T54-1 system has a 363 microprocessor based lighting controller used for night and contrast lighting control for long tunnel application. T54-2 control contrast lighting control. The T54-2 system helps provide safety by applying the most effective and effi cient way of controlling the light fi xtures resulting to visibility at vehicular tunnel approachesand interiors. The 363 controller has an option of using three PLC-Multipoint's sensors that receives a 4-20mA signal, such sensors are our MAS, TMAS and TLUM sensors. The system is cost-effective and easily-confi gurable with programming and accessories. The system has six output channels per direction providing a night function as well as fi ve daytime light level programmable according tothe sensors input set points for accuracy. Optional alternation sequence of lights and night and day crossover method can be confi gure providing a long life span on any tunnel fixtures. The controller has a built-in input time delay and hold-on time eliminating any sudden surge in the fixtures of the tunnel.

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Lighting Controls
Exterior; Tunnels; Roadway; Commercial