Hydraulic Speedy Tester SHFM Series -- LCH-30

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The United Digital Speedy Tester Model LCH-10 to LCH-30 is a portable, table model, hydraulic testing machine incorporating a highly accurate, built-in digital information system for the display of test data. Designed to perform a variety of tests, the versatile, easy-to-use Speedy Tester can be fitted with various types of grips and fixtures to accommodate a wide range of materials and applications. This portable series of Speedy Tester offers three standard load frame capacities: 10,000 lbf (44.5KN), 20,000 lbf (89KN), and 30,000 lbf (133KN) with load rate ranging from 100 lbf/min (44KN/min) to 40,000 lbf/min (178KN/min). Each LCH system can reach a return speed of 4 in/min (102mm/min) with the piston travel distance of 4.5 inches (121mm).

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Mechanical Testing Equipment
Mechanical Test
Compression; Tensile

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