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VME form factor extender 6U -- 116FFE6012-012X -- View Larger Image
VME form factor extender 6U -- 116FFE6012-012X-Image
  • Conforms to VITA 41.0 VXS backplane specifications
  • Controlled impedance rigid-flex-rigid design
  • Alignment keying headers provided for extender and plug-in card
  • 100 Ohm differential pair routing
  • J1 signals are single-ended signals and run point-to-point across the extender
  • Mechanical frame supports 6U, 160mm plug-in card
  • Frame has injector/ejector latches for plug-in card
  • Signal rate: 3.125 Gb/sec
  • +5V on/off switch
  • Current monitor on +5V power
  • Frame has injector/ejector latches to hold extender securely to chassis

Product Category
VME, VPX, and VXI Extenders
Basic Specifications
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Form Factor Extender
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