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30.5 mm Push Buttons -- 800T-FXNP16RA7 -- View Larger Image
30.5 mm Push Buttons -- 800T-FXNP16RA7-Image

The Bulletin 800T and 800H 30.5 mm Emergency Stop devices provide reliability where it is needed most. E-stops with normally closed late break contacts comply with EN418 and IEC 947-5-5 standards. This means the operator will latch when actuated before the contacts will change state.

Application flexibility is offered with 2-position push-pull or 2-position push-pull/twist release configurations. Non-illuminated and illuminated operator options are available. Contact block versions are also available that provide IP2X finger-safe protection.

Rockwell Automation also offers Self-Monitoring™ contact blocks (SMCB) which feature enhanced e-stop safety for critical process control applications. The SMCB monitors whether or not it is properly installed on the e-stop operator to help ensure that the normally closed contacts will open when the e-stop is actuated. If the SMCB is separated from the e-stop operator for any reason, the controlled circuit will automatically open.

  • 30.5 mm mounting hole
  • Type 4/13 watertight/oiltight (Bul. 800T)
  • Type 4/4X/13 corrosion-resistant/watertight/oiltight (Bul. 800H)
  • Heavy industrial stations and operators

Product Category
Pushbutton Switches
Actuator Specifications
Raised (Plunger Style) Pushbutton
Switch Function
Maintained Contact (optional feature); Momentary Contact (optional feature)
Normally Open (NO); Normally Closed (NC)
Switching Mechanism
Double Pole, Single Throw (DPST)

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Electrical Specifications
Max AC Voltage Rating
Construction Materials
Base Material
Pushbutton Material

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