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Shafer Model RV Series -- 9 x 12 Rotary Vane Actuator -- View Larger Image
Shafer Model RV Series -- 9 x 12 Rotary Vane Actuator-Image

Opposite chambers in the actuator are connected by pressure equalizing passages in the upper and lower heads. In this manner, the actuator produces perfectly balanced torque as hydraulic force simultaneously pushes both of the rotor vanes away from the stationary shoes.

Torque output of the rotary vane actuator remains constant throughout the full rotation of the valve. Constant torque output is an especially important feature in high flow applications, plug valve applications, and for valves which have rotating seats. Constant torque output ensures that your specified safety factor will not diminish at various positions during the valve stroke.

Product Category
Electrohydraulic Valve Actuators and Hydraulic Valve Actuators
Valve Motion
Rotary Actuator Specifications
Actuator Torque
? to 128500 In-lbs (? to 148168 kg-cm)
Full Range of Rotary Motion
Control Signal Input
Pressure Control Signal Input
100 to 1400 psi (70.38 to 985 m H2O)

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Hydraulic or Electrohydraulic Actuator
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