Bettis Model HD-Series -- Model HD 722-SR80

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in: Pneumatic Valve Actuators

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Bettis Model HD-Series -- Model HD 722-SR80 -- View Larger Image
Bettis Model HD-Series -- Model HD 722-SR80-Image

Bettis® HD-Series pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are ideally suited for operating ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers and other 90 degree turn devices. The HD-Series actuators provide a practical and reliable method for opening and closing valves by remote control without the need for expensive and unnecessary gearing, hydraulic pumps or other motor driven devices.

Product Category
Pneumatic Valve Actuators
Valve Motion
Rotary Actuator Specifications
Actuator Torque
6024 to 9950 In-lbs (6946 to 11473 kg-cm)
Full Range of Rotary Motion
Pneumatic Actuator
Actuator Type
Scotch Yoke

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